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This was the official website for Dream Affair which showcased  the 2011 release of the band’s debut album, Endless Days.
Content is from the site's 2011 -2013 archived pages, as well as from other outside sources.


Dream Affair - Lucid


Formed: 2009, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Currently: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Hayden Payne: (guitar, electronics, vocals), Abby Echiverri (synthesizer, violin), Frank Deserto (bass)



2011 PRESS


Weird hosting Dream Affair record release party

 By BrooklynVegan Staff August 31, 2011
by Bill Pearis

Dream Affair

Local trio Dream Affair are playing tonight’s (8/31) Wierd party at Home Sweet Home. It’s a record release party for the band’s debut, Endless Days, which is out now on Avant! Records. If you like you coldwave/postpunk with a little Wax!Trax!-style clanging beats, definitely check ’em out.

Endless Days (official music video) - Dream Affair.



2011 POSTS


Endless Days LP/CD

Dream Affair is a cold wave group based in Brooklyn, NY. Since the release of their sold-out EP ''All I Want'' last fall, the band has expanded their initial references of UK post-punk and French cold wave to incorporate sounds of Wax Trax industrial and 4AD shoegaze. Comparisons have also been made with bands such as The Cure and Depeche Mode. Their debut full-length album perfects the cold dichotomy: the conflict and balance between bleak indifference and struggling emotions. Romanticism in the vocals and guitars are vetted against the industrial chill of the rhythm section. The result is a testament of self-awareness, absurdity, and isolation.

This is the video Justin Anderson did for 'Endless Days'
Artwork by our great friend & painter, now in Dublin, Danilo Quo Vadis

An EU tour is about to start, these the dates:
Jul. 2 Frankfurt, DE Elfer Music Club
Jul. 8 Berlin, DE King Kong Klub
Jul. 14 Berlin (DJ), King Kong Klub
Jul. 16 Berlin, DE Slaughterhouse
Jul. 22 Paris, FR La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Jul. 23 Freiburg, DE Swamp Club
Aug. 31. New York, NY Home Sweet Home


Our debut album is now digitally available! Go get it at iTunes, Amazon, etc. Vinyl and CDs will be available in June on Avant! Records. Download the title track on our bandcamp, and see the music video our friend Justin Anderson made here.

Following the release party, we've got some shows lined up in mid-July for Europe: July 8th with Contre Jour (Berlin), July 16th with Snake Corps (Berlin), July 22nd (Paris), July 23rd (Freiburg). In August we're headed to the west coast to play San Francisco on the 12th and Los Angeles's Part Time Punks on the 14th. We're due for the Wierd Records stage at Home Sweet Home with a show on the 17th. Details TBA but follow us on facebook for announcements as they come.

The exclusive track "In Vain" was recently featured on a Handshake Records compilation and you can download it from iTunes, all proceeds go to Japan earthquake relief efforts. Hear it in full on our soundcloud page.

See you,


Lots of things have been going on in the Dream Affair dungeon...

We've just finished our debut LP, Endless Days, ready for digital release in May! You can now download the title track from bandcamp at http://dreamaffair.bandcamp.com and Avant! Records (Italy) will release it on LP this summer.

The track recently caused some internet stir in a social experiment by Dream Affair synth-player, Abby. You can read some more about that here: http://mishkanyc.com/bloglin/2011/04/11/you-got-pwnd-dream-affair-burns-some-witches/ .

As far as live shows go, we're playing at Death By Audio, Brooklyn on Tuesday, April 26 with Martial Canterel and Automelodi. We go on at 9:15 and more details are below. For those of you in Europe, we're in the process of booking a tour throughout Germany, France, Belgium, and more for July! Stay tuned for more details on our facebook page ...

Lastly - Handshake Records out of China will be featuring an exclusive mp3 whose proceeds go towards the incident in Japan. The compilation will be available in May.

Tuesday, April 26 at Death By Audio
49 S 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY
$7 All Ages
Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=195088657199355



Woah, the title track off of our LP "Endless Days" is now available for free download on our bandcamp.


Reviews for "Endless Days"

Dream Affair were also the opening band for some American gigs from Chameleons Vox and even if some tracks like "405" or "Lucid" have a touching pop feel (with Asylum Party being the big reference), you can definitely hear that this group is in love with the melancholic wavesongs that were penned down by Mark Burgess or Adrian Borland. Anyway, it was the type of retro-sound that could convince Italian label Avant!-Records to release their debut and it's one of the wavepop highlights of this year, just like Veil Veil Vanish were last year. Available on vinyl and cd. Excellent.


Dream Affair are taking the cold wave introspective atmosphere and mixed it with drum machine upbeat tempos adding post punk dry guitar riffs, flanger bass guitar plus synth pads / leads here and there. Male / Female vocal alternation help giving to the whole album a great sound and just check "Lucid" and "Drifting" to realize how cool is that. No matter if you preferred 4AD bands, new wave of post punk, because Dream Affair have them all and they deserve your attention... now!

-Chain D.L.K.

More a part of whatever rebirth it is that's happening, I'd like to imagine that Dream Affair know that instead of waiting under the umbrella for the rain to stop, they are dragging the thing behind them, leaving a sense that the ghosts in the walls they're referencing aren't going anywhere, so why not create something with mood and space that elegantly cites their heroes while also creating something mysterious enough to surprise and please whoever it is that flips the disc around to find a date stamp not of 1984, but of 2011.








Dream Affair - Over And Over -February 26, 2013

Digital Release Date: February 26, 2013
Vinyl Release Date: April 9, 2013
Dream Affair - From Now On 12" EP
Artificial Records 1 - AR-001




off the C20 cassette "Aborted State" from Nostilevo this September 2012











Label: Not On Label
Catalog #: DRM001
Format: CD, Mini-Album, EP
Country: US
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Darkwave

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
© All songs Dream Affair, 2010.



2013 POSTS


"Caught them at their Jammer Lounge gig and the room was packed with fans. Their sound is BIG for so few players! I hung around after the initial show and talked with a guy who was clearly a Dream Affair maven. He was getting plastered using a 510 vape pen battery and was selling 510 cartridges to anyone who asked. Didn't think that was too cool, but who am I to judge. These 510 portable devices are tiny now and I'm guessing that's one of the main selling points - kids can sneak them into class and vape in the room without anyone noticing! About an hour later, the group decided to start up claiming they were just rehearsing, but it sounded great - they were doing some new songs. The violin is such a great addition to a guitar/synth sound and these guys really know how to milk it. No one ever falls asleep listening to these tracks!" Roger Morton for Cake Walk


"Hung out with them after an energy infused set at The Dinky where I also chatted with Blind Duck drummer Headley. I've been following the Dream around for a while and have seen evidence of a strong following. I was mentioning this band to the owner of MoonAtMidnight.com - the Batman t shirt superstore, and she suggested I convince the band members to wear Batman shirts at gigs, and gave me a bunch to give them. The band members modeled and really seemed to like them, and promised to give them a try at their next gig. So if you spot the D-A in Batman gear, I'm the reason." Patrick Willard


December 11, 2013

"The Alliance" is a 60-minute cassette compilation displaying a vast reach of modern American electronics representing the label’s past and future, and is a partnership between Nostilevo and the wonderful folks at Vacation Vinyl. 

Featuring new material from: 

  • Avellan Cross
  • Blue Krishna (Alex Jarson of Body of Light)
  • Craow
  • David Allen
  • Desire XXVII
  • Fairlight Empress (Greh Holger of Pure Ground)
  • Hand to God
  • Liable & Nepoštovanje I Glupo
  • Mammal
  • Phase Fatale (Hayden Payne of Dream Affair)
  • Ritual Howls
  • Siobhan
  • Scorpio and Glass

These will be available on Friday 29 Nov 13 at Vacation Vinyl's storefront and the upcoming Thanks for Nothing event at Complex, both in Los Angeles, CA. and also available online in the weeks to follow via Vacation’s webstore.  





February 15, 2013

Our new EP titled From Now On comes out on digital February 26 and vinyl 12” April 9 via Artificial Records. Preorder here: www.handdrawndracula.com/store/h3

1. From Now On
2. All I Want
3. Torn Apart
4. The Porter
5. Over And Over
6. Jasper